Lara & Bisbe , an artistic team formed by Nuria Murillo Lara and Mercedes Higuero Bisbe  based in Málaga, Spain.

Two photographers  with a very similar aesthetic. The main core of their work is the representation of territory showing a dialogue between nature and architecture.
In this way, they transform the landscape genre into images with a high power of evocation that show their own experience of the places they photograph.
Their photographs seek beauty in simplicity, some stones, a landscape, a corner or a wall that in their joint works acquire a new meaning, establishing a visual game.




             Exhibition "Guadalquivires"    Sala Sociedad Económica Amigos del País de Málaga       


              Exhibition "Como dos gotas de poesía"  Centro Cultural San José Puerto Real

              Exhibition  "Como dos gotas de poesía" Sala Julián Cuadra Museo Arqueológico  Jerez de la Frontera

              Exhibition  "Como dos gotas de poesía"  La Casa de las Conchas  Salamanca

              Exhibition  "Photovino2019" in Colectivo Imagen Fuengirola

              "Metáfora" at Salon de la Photo Paris


              Exhibition "Como dos gotas de poesía"  El Portón de Alhaurín de la Torre   

              Exhibition "Como dos gotas de poesía"  the 14th  February in Nerja, Málaga


              Exhibition "Como dos gotas de poesía"     Casa de la Cultura de Fuengirola

              Exhibition "Como dos gotas de poesía"     Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia de Málaga 

              Presentation of the project "Como dos gotas de poesía"   Colectivo Imagen de Fuengirola

              Presentation of the project  "Como dos gotas de poesía"   Sociedad Fotográfica de Málaga


               Presentation  of the project Paris 2&2 at the Sociedad Fotográfica de Málaga


               Presentation  of the project Paris 2&2 at the Colectivo Imagen de Fuengirola 


Mercedes Higuero  Bisbe

The fundamental axis of my work is architecture.
I am interested in concrete spaces, stripped of the influence of their environment; isolated to create an intimate and personal urban landscape,
where light, composition, color and texture are the absolute protagonists.

CV pdf Mercedes Higuero Bisbe




 Nuria Murillo Lara

My photography focuses on a subjective view of nature.
The natural landscape is my greatest source of inspiration, but beyond the documentary component,the small details,
the shapes and the atmosphere are the ones that allow me to transmit my own emotions of the photographed places.

 CV pdf Nuria Murillo Lara







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