Guadalquivires Nuria Murillo

The river is born and I see life in the water.
Summer, Autumn and Winter comes and everything is reborn again in Spring.
Life, always life in the Guadalquivir …
Strolling along its banks you find Hasekura and see him sailing up the river with his garments and exotic ships.
You embark on an imaginary voyage, and find yourself sailing with Magellan and Elcano on the first ship in history to circumnavigate the world...
and in the distance, you spot wings and watch as Abbas Ibn Firnas, the first man to attempt to fly, glides over Cordoba...
How many stories have these waters told ?????
The river continues its course, and shows us its scars and death
or the rebirth of these waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nuria Murillo

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