Two drops of poetry

Mª Victoria Atencia
Rosa Romojaro
María Navarro
María Eloy-García
Violeta Niebla
Cristina Consuegra
Kris León
Isabel Bono
Carmen López
Abstracción Geométrica
Alejandro Simón Partal
Al otro lado
Abraham Gragera
Sergio Navarro
Isabel Pérez Montalbán
Ángel Luis Montilla
Aurora Luque
Chantal Maillard
Juan Manuel Villalba
María Cegarra
Exposición Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia (Málaga)
Exposición Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia (Málaga)
Exposición Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia (Málaga)
Exposición Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia (Málaga)

"Two drops of poetry"  belongs to Universes.

Universes is a project where a dialogue between nature and contemporary architecture is established.

The representation of subjective associations offers us a visual discussion that demonstrate how the human mind can be influenced by nature.

Two images that melt into one to achieve a new meaning. A visual game based on forms, composition, texture or colour.

All the compositions have the same structure, starting, according to reading order, with nature and then followed by architecture.

Every single image came from a compilation of previous works carried out over many years in many different places. In this way, a shot in Norway is complementary with another one in Turkey. Different cultures and places so geographically distant but at the same time so close. We can confirm the theory that visual experiences that we accumulate leave a trace in our subconscious.

This project has been accompanied by a poem ceded or created specially  for every image by 18 poets.

A catalog collects the works showed in the exhibition with the impressive manuscript poems by Mª Victoria Atencia, Rosa Romojaro, María Navarro, María Eloy-García, Violeta Niebla, María Cegarra, Kris León, Isabel Bono, Carmen López, Alejandro Simón Partal, Abraham Gragera, Sergio Navarro, Isabel Pérez Montalbán, Ángel Luis montilla, Aurora Luque, Chantal Maillard, Juan Manuel Villalba and Cristina Consuegra.

An  exhibition with the photographs and poems  took place in  :  


2017       Centro Cultural María Victoria Atencia,  Málaga

               Casa de la Cultura de Fuengirola, Málaga

2018       Sala Mercado Nerja, Málaga

               Sala El Portón  Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga

2019       Centro  Cultural San José Puerto Real, Cádiz

               Sala Julián Cuadra, Museo Arqueológico de Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz

               Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca


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